War – A fight with no winners

In wars there are no real victors, although history seems to be written by the winners even that is a rewrite.


For the soldiers who fought in a war the scars of is more or less going to be something to carried for the rest of their lives. These kind of traumas could be the violence done to themselves by their enemies or the hurting they where forces to do on others. Orders is kind of the law in a war and when they are given it´s about obeying or face the possibility to be left behind. Some soldiers have so deep scares after doing service in a war that they can´t return to a life afterwards. This kind of soldiers “lost in peace” are known to form criminal organizations. So the soldiers can be losers in a war although they come home again taking on the country or lifestyle they once protected.


The civilians in a war the pain and agony is intense, they have to keep up with something that started without of their control which controls their lives. Often the “go to war” decisions is made by those who are put into safety first, sometimes they are even out of the country when the war begins while the general population have to deal with it. In even worse cases war just comes along, a conflict in the region between others countries or groups might get out of hands and drag civilians of other nationalities into it. In this cases a war seems like a volcano in the neighborhood you didn’t know existed starts to spread lava. Having fire rain from the sky from kind of a clear blue sky. In the end of a war the civilians have to start their lives all over again in the wreckage which is left. This situation make it even harder to leave the past behind and thing forward.